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We are young entrepreneurs who love beautiful and well-maintained cars. We are glad to present you our unique products designed to protect your car! We are the first representatives of a huge company in Europe. Our products are gaining popularity among clients, because they are really effective and unique, while the prices are very friendly! Our products are designed not only for a long-lasting effect, but they also have the ability to seal the lacquer/paint coating of your car, protecting it from expansion of rust and formation of chips, while the color of the car becomes truly radiant and bright, as if just after painting. We work in the field of car detailing for many years, and only recently discovered this unique product. 7X-density car protection products and waterproof components for car glass and lacquer/paint coating are available for sale now. We also offer training courses for professionals with a possibility to become a regional dealer. A dealer has a bonus right to buy, sell and apply our products. We are quickly expanding our product range and always ready for cooperation! We are a team of constantly self-developing professionals who keep up with the times! Our product range is a big step towards the future, contributing to your comfort and safety.

You should undergo a training course in order to become a certified dealer and user. The cost of course package includes a range of products. We will teach you on-site how to apply and properly sell the product. After the training course is completed each company shall pass a regular exam in order to receive an official certificate that grants rights to use and apply the professional products of our company.