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Protective coating for car lacquer/paint surfaces and plastic liquid-glass-type parts with durability 7H. It reduces the risk of scratches and protects lacquer/paint surface from premature aging and corrosion. It refreshes car body, making its color deeper and more intensified. The product creates a good anti-rain effect, keeping surfaces clean for a longer time and saving your costs for washing. It is a simple protection against dust and small insects.


Important! Protective coating should be applied onto clean dry surface at a temperature not below + 10°C and no higher than +50°C with air humidity not above 60%. It is allowed to apply the product outdoor in a dry windless day. 


1. Wash the car body thoroughly with foam and shampoo (it is better if you do this in a professional car wash) before you apply the product. It is advisable to use special non-silicone cleansers. Then dry completely the lacquer/paint surface of the body and degrease it with any alcohol non-surfactant cleanser.


2: Car body should be treated part-by-part. Shake the bottle, open the top and moisten a sponge with the product. Apply a small quantity of the product onto a body part using a sponge, then polish it up with a microfiber cloth. Then come to the next part. While polishing, it is recommended to heat the surface under treatment with infrared lamps.


3: After the body is treated, keep it out from water and dust for 8 hours. It is recommended to leave the car in a closed warm room for this while.