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A brand new waterproof long-acting protector for glass surfaces. It allows keeping surfaces clean for a longer time, creating a stable anti-rain effect. This product enhances driving safety and comfort in hard conditions, while effectively saving your costs for windscreen cleaners and making it easier to remove dust and small insects. It has anti-mold and antibacterial action. Due to this product, fogging of glass surfaces indoors gets significantly reduced.

It is created specifically for hard conditions and suitable for all types of glass surfaces: car glass, glass for domestic use, shower booths, mirrors and tiles.


1: Preparation of a surface to be treated

Clean the car glass in a car wash (preferably with alkaline shampoo) or clean it by yourself with a non-silicone cleanser. Completely remove dust particles, dirt and grease stains from the surface. Wipe the windscreen wipers. Degrease the glass with any alcohol non-surfactant cleanser. Dry the glass thoroughly with a clean dry cloth or paper towels before you apply the product.

2: Applying

Shake the bottle, open the top and moisten a sponge with the product. Now spread it throughout all glasses and mirrors of your car with small circular movements without pressure. In case of contact with car lacquer or other non-glass surfaces (including windscreen wipers) remove the product with a paper towel.

3: Completion

15 minutes later, after treating all the surfaces, remove a matte layer appeared with straight pressing movements, using a microfiber cloth or other lint-free cloth. The glass should be completely transparent and smooth. If there are some streaks left, remove it with a microfiber cloth. If you have to apply much force to remove the layer, it means that the product has entered into proper reaction with the glass. For maximum effect, keep the treated surfaces out from water contact for 8 hours.


- Keep the bottle closed and far from light sources.

- Small residue is permissible.



Any failure to observe this instruction can significantly reduce the duration of coating or it will absolutely not allow you to apply it onto the glass.