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Instant solidification. Your car is ready for use immediately after coating is applied. It does not require a dry space and specific equipment; it is suitable for a regular car wash. It does not require to treat lacquer/paint surface professionally prior to use. Low price makes the product affordable for any client.

1: Thoroughly wash the car body with foam and shampoo (preferably non-silicone). It is better if you do this in a professional car wash. 

2: Shake the bottle. Open the top and wet the applicator or microfiber cloth with small quantity of the product. Apply part-by-part with rectilinear movements (in zig-zag) slightly pressing and leaving no gaps or spaces. 

3. After all parts are treated, wash your car with water under pressure from a distance at least 1 m, then thoroughly dry the car. There can be streaks left in case of non-uniform applying. These streaks should be removed with a clean, dry microfiber cloth or a cloth slightly moistened with this product.

Recommendations: Do not wash your car for 2-3 days. It is recommended to wash your car in touchless car washes or with delicate manual washer.